Luxury Management & Creation

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Inicio:julio, 2022
Duración:1 Semana

This programme will be held at Sup de Luxe in Paris, France.

The luxury sector is growing and evolving, the emergence of new technologies, the rise of developing countries with middle classes and the emergence of new strategies within the sector requires increasingly prepared profiles that understand the need to create strategies focused on the consumer and his engagement.

In addition, many luxury brands are in the process of reinventing and transforming themselves and this change has been accelerated by digitalisation, which also demonstrates the urgency of training future creative leaders or managers with the necessary tools to successfully carry out these transformations from a strategic and operational point of view.

As competition intensifies and the risk of triviaizing the offer becomes more and more real, the brand is no longer the only factor that can make a difference. Creation becomes a strategic tool of primary importance in the growth policy of any company, especially within the luxury sector.

Who should take this course?

Students who are passionate about a changing sector that generated $270M in sales in 2019.



1.1. The fundamentals of the luxury sector: history and brands
1.2. The economic weight of the sector/luxury business
1.3. Marketing Techniques, merchandising, digital communication sepcific to the luxury sector
1.4. Managing the creation process
1.5. The new “Luxuries”

Creation workshops (leather of jewellery), a visit of a luxury boutique and a private museum or guided tour to a private collection, will be also integrated in the program.

In this course the student will explore the evolving strategy of the brand in the luxury sector as well as the Creativity, as the major challenge in the evolution of any luxury brand and business.

During an intensive week of courses, meetings and workshops, students will discover the challenges, benefits and pitfalls of creative management

Este programa es para ti si:

– You want to understand the major role of creation in luxury brands.

– You are willing to gain the understanding and knowledge of the luxury industry and its business.

¿Por qué inscribirse en este curso?

To be able to have a complete vision of the sector, as well as to acquire the necessary tools to be able to enter the sector in the labour market.


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    ¿Cómo aprenderás?

    Video conferencias
    Sesiones de trabajo colaborativo
    Laboratorio informático virtual
    Estudio de casos
    Resolución de problemas